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April is National Youth Savings month. In honor, we would like to help you jump start teaching kids to save. Here are a few ways to teach the basics of saving to your little ones:

  1. 1. Simulate saving opportunities. Give your child a setamount of coupons each day for an activity, like screen time. Label each device with the number of coupons it “costs” (one coupon to play with the Leap Pad, four to watch Little Mermaid, etc.). Your child can spend all their coupons each day and never have enough for the “more expensive” items, or they can save for a couple of days to be able to watch that movie they love.
  2. Use visuals. Make a chart with a picture of a toy or fun outing and squares for every dollar needed to buy it. Help your child mark each dollar saved with a check mark or sticker. They can see how close they are to getting it and have a visual reminder to save.
  3. Play games. Use a family game night of Monopoly or Life to explain various financial basics. Show your child that if they set aside $500 from the very beginning, they will definitely be ready to buy Boardwalk when they land there.
  4. Take them to make deposits. Wheat State Credit Union has special Youth Savings Accounts for our youngest members and we are happy to print out a statement so your little one can see how much money they have saved so far… Download Now…

Wheat State Credit Union Spring 2018 Newsletter

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